Lomp, lomper, de lompste

Clumsy, clumsier, clumsiest

Open letter to the language wonder of Flanders, mister Tiejo Frencken.

I will write you in the language you used on the Israelian television, the coleminers-English. Question that you understand it!

You have presented yourself as one of the most stupid politicians of our country, a shame for the IQ of the rulers in Belgium, which is already very low in your party. The stupidste pupil of a secondary school in this land speaks better English than you, but it’s what behind your message lies  that concerns me the most.

The emmer is full, indeed. Full of your  stupidities and wrong quotes. You have shown yourself to the world as a politician that fits better in extreme parties with a dictatorial touch than in the democracy you pretend to defend.

The emmer is full, indeed. Full of shame. Jesus Kraaist once said: “Lord, forgive them because they don’t know what they do” (in Hebrew fir you: eli eli sabaktani). You are now “them”. You put our country to shit and the tone of your language is even righter than extreme right parties in Europe. And the worst of all, your party bosses stay silent, awkward silent. Or they don’t’ understand your English, or they agree with pleasure your stupidities.

The emmer is full, indeed. Full of angriness. Your piteous performance shows your lack of empathy for the thousands of death people in the region. You were on television, the highest wish of a politician, but, international seen, you went off like a watering can. There is no statesman in you, just a pathetic piece of a frustrated politician, with no power, no ideas.

The emmer is full, indeed. Full of idiots like you who want to let shine their flashlight on problems they don’t understand. You are the drop that makes the emmer overflow, that makes that we don’t believe anymore in politicians. In that sense, you are nothing more than a nest—fouler that needs to be condemned by all his colleagues. But on that side of the glorious Flemish world it is … awkward silent. The emmer is indeed more than full.